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Here are three different ways that you can support Scotland History Tours to keep making more videos. You can support me with a single contribution, a regular monthly contribution, or even with no contribution at all. Sound Crazy? Let me explain.

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Make a one off donation to say thanks. You can buy one, or more coffees, for Bruce by clicking the link below. I thank you.

Buy Me A Coffee


Become part of Bruce’s Scotland History Tour Community by making a regular contribution. There are various levels, with various sets of rewards. You can even suggest what you think might be better rewards packages; because everyone who crowd supports on a regular basis, with Patreon, gets to join our community for Patreon only members.

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You don't even have to contribute anything to help support Scotland History Tours, just do what you normally do anyway. Do you ever buy anything on Amazon? Great keep doing it, but do it through Scotland History Tours. Because we are Amazon Affiliates, when you click a link to a book I've suggested, you pay exactly the same price, but I get a wee commission. At the time of writing I've made a total of 79p. However you're not limited to books I recommend.

When you buy anything on Amazon via this page they will pay me a small introducer’s commission without it affecting you in any way. You still pay the same price for your goods. The only difference is that you search for your Amazon products from this page and it helps support me to make videos.

That way you can support Scotland History Tours and it doesn’t cost you a penny. You can even encourage friends and family to do the same.

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