Day out in Scotland Videos

People often ask: ‘Help me plan a Scottish vacation.’ If you’re looking for some ideas for a historical day out in Scotland, then watch some of the videos here. Hopefully they will help you learn about Scottish history and plan a day out in Scotland. All information was correct at the time of filming, though clearly you should check that things haven’t changed since. Alternatively, why not hire a tour guide. Scotland History Tours are here to help.

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Even if you don't plan a trip to Scotland you can enjoy some of the locations and learn some of the history from these short clips of 'educomedy'. Why not subscribe to the Scotland History Tours YouTube channel and get each new clip as it's released? Click HERE to subscribe.

A mystical Scottish Day Out: Day Trip From Inverness and Day Out in Black Isle

Bruce Fummey takes you to three spiritual places which can easily be reached on a day out from Inverness. The Clava Cains, The Clootie Well and Chanonry Point in Black Isle

Day out in St Andrews

Day out in Scotland is a video to help you plan a day tour of St Andrews. If you're looking for a whistle stop tour of the St Andres must see places then Scottish history tour guides Bruce Fummey gives you a quick tour

Day out in Stonehaven

Bruce Fummey suggests some ideas for a great day out in Scotland, in the north east. Stonehaven is much more interesting than many Scots realise. Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven open air pool, Tollbooth museum, Stonehaven harbour and stunning cliff walk

Day out with King David I

Bruce Fummey gives some suggestions and ideas for a way to spend a historic day out in Scotland. Border abbeys and castles help tell tales from Scotlands history. Visit St Abbs Head, Bamburgh Castle, Kelso Abbey and Melrose Abbey.

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