Bespoke Outlander Tour

Price on Application per tour ( 1-8 people )
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This is a private tour designed specifically for you.

Tell me your MUST-SEE set locations and how many days you’d like to spend. I’ll tell you about some great places where you can walk in Claire and Jamie’s footsteps and learn about the real people of the Jacobite uprisings. We’ll put it all together, plan a schedule and a route to sample beautiful scenery, historic sites and film locations.

I’ll accompany you, take photos, and do everything to make your Scotland Outlander holiday an experience to remember.

  •  You want to add non-Outlander places of interest? Of course!
  • You want to divert and see a specific beauty spot? No problem!
  • You want to learn some other history and Gaelic along the way? That’s what I’m here for!
  • You want to change the plan because the weather forecast says rain? Welcome to Scotland!


Example Tour

This is a private tour I’ll design specifically for you, but here’s one example of an itinerary I put together for a lovely group from the USA.  

We set off from Edinburgh in the morning, with our first stop a photo opportunity at Lallybroch. From there we crossed the Forth, taking in the famous bridges. We went on to the picturesque historic town of Culross to walk in the village of Crenesmuir stand in Geillis Duncan’s drawing room, stroll in her garden, and experience other locations from series one and two. Our next stop was Inverness (Falkland in real life). We had lunch in Mrs Baird’s B&B where Claire and Frank enjoyed their honeymoon and saw the ghost of a highlander in the square.

From there we drove through beautiful Perthshire countryside before the ladies in our group were made to stand in the dock where Geillis and Claire stood trial for witchcraft. Don’t worry the gents enjoyed it too as they howled their accusations.

We then visited the church where Claire was handed to the Redcoats before we topped things off with a visit to Castle Leoch.

There are so many places of interest to visit for your personalised Outlander tour. Here are just some of them. You can explore Scotland through an Outlander holiday. Why not contact me and put together a holiday experience that’s perfect for you.

Some Outlander sites near Edinburgh

  • Visit Midhope Castle, the film location of Jamie Fraser’s Lallybroch home. Film yourself outside Lallybroch just like Claire and remind yourself of the scenes from the series
  • The real town of Culross will take you back in time to the fictional town of Cranesmuir, it’s mercat cross and the house of Geilis Duncan. You’ll also have the opportunity to spend time in Geilis Duncan’s drawing room, sample the surroundings of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s council of war, oh and enjoy lunch in one of Culross’s many tea rooms
  • An Outlander trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Castle Leoch, to see where Clarie makes her arrival in her new time, where Jamie and Dougal compete at shinty, and where Mrs Fitz keeps the food coming
  • Hopetoun House provided too many film locations for Outlander to list here, but you can sample them all.
  • Blackness Castle was transformed into Fort William, the scene of Jamie’s inhuman scourging. You’ll have an easier time as you relive the scenes from the series as well as enjoying great views of the Forth Estuary
  • A trip to Linlithgow Palace let’s you delve in to the dungeons of Wentworth Prison
  • There are a number of locations in Edinburgh itself where you can re-live key moments in the Outlander story.

Some Outlander sites in Fife

  • In Falkland you can steep yourself in the opening scenes from Outlander’s first ever episode and visit the fantastic Falkland Palace.
  • At Dysart Harbour you can step down from your plane on to the pier of Le Harve Harbour
  • Aberdour Castle will take you back to the Abbey Ste Anne de Beaupre

Some Outlander sites in Perthshire

  • Walk in the stunning Drummond Castle Gardens which doubled as the Versailles gargens
  • In Tibbermore Church you can stand in the dock just like Claire and Geillis. Will you survive to tell the tale.
  • After the Battle of Falkirk you can be carried out by Dougal from Tullibardine Chapel
  • Sample the stunning beauty and the atmospheric location where the stones of Craigh na Dun were filmed
  • Take pictures against the backdrop of the film location for Culloden House and find out how that same buildingfeatured in the real Jacobite uprising in 1745.

Some Outlander sites in Inverness

  • At the Highland Folk Museum you can re-live the rent collections with lawyer Ned Gowan and wool waulking with Claire
  • After a tour of the museum take a sombre walk on the field Culloden and pay tribute to those of Clan Fraser and others who gave their lives that day
  • Some say that Clava Cairns provided the inspiration for Craigh Na Dun. Come and see for yourself, but careful about touching the stones
  • Visit Ruthven Barracks where Red Coat soldiers lived and where the Jacobite cause finally came to an end

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