Robert the Bruce Day Tour

Price on Application per tour ( 1-8 people )

This is not a standard day tour, it’s a unique premium experience. You will travel in a premium vehicle with an award-winning guide. You’ll hear the story of our great warrior King, without whom Scotland might not exist.

You’ll visit Scone Palace, the inauguration place of Scottish kings, and hear the story and legends behind the Stone of Destiny.

As you drive along the Highland border line you’ll hear the story of his struggles.

You’ll spend time touring Stirling Castle to understand it, find out its significance to the story of our hero, his descendants and the turning points in Scottish history.

You’ll visit the resting place of Robert the Bruce in Dunfermline Abbey.

You finish the day with a visit with the current Lord Bruce as he takes you round Broomhall, his stately home. This is not a standard guided tour with an employee reciting a script. It’s a personal visit with ‘the heir to 37th Chief of the Name of Bruce, and lineal descendant of King Robert.’ who is also an historian and wonderful story teller as he brings you up to date with the intriguing lives of his ancestors from our great warrior King to the present day.

This is a fantastic and truly unique experience for anyone interested in the Bruce family history in particular or Scotland’s history in general.

  •  A well informed tour guide
  • High quality vehicle
  • Stunning scenery and locations and visitor experiences
  • Top historic attractions
  • Visit to Broomhall House accompanied by Lord Bruce



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