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Since 2006 I have been performing comedy shows about Scottish history at Fringe festivals from Edinburgh to Dunedin. I call it educomedy. In 2017 I thought: 'How much better to take people to the places in our beautiful country where these things happened'.

So, rather than talking to a large audience in a room, I’d like to chat to your wee group as we drive around this beautiful country. These tours will not be classroom history lessons, nor stand-up shows, but I hope to keep you entertained, whilst helping you to understand Scotland.

Bespoke Tours

Would you like to put together your own plan for a tour of the sites and sights of Scotland? Fantastic! I’ll make that happen. I have only touched on what Scotland has to offer. You don’t need to be limited to one of the fixed itineraries listed, or to the Perthshire area. I’ll pick you up in a quality vehicle where you are and deliver you to where you want to go. Just tell me what you’re looking for: distilleries, castles, battle sites, settings from Outlander, scenic views and delightful picnic areas, places associated with figures from history, or a visit to your ancestral home.

FROM ONLY £295.00per tour ( 1-8 people )

Outlander Tour

You’ve read the books, you’ve watched the series now want to visit the locations and find out more about the history. If you’re looking for your own private tour with a local expert guide, who will tailor time and tour to your needs then I’m your man. Whether you want a one-day tour to film locations in an around Edinburgh, or a week-long experience that uses Outlander to take you under the skin of Scotland, it’s history and the events that shaped it, jump on board. It goes without saying that you’ll want to visit Lallybroch and Castle Leoch, but where else? How deep do you want to go? I’ll tell you the history. I’ll take you to the out of the way spots that other tours don’t go. Let’s get started.

FROM ONLY £295.00per tour ( 1-8 people )
not including entry fees

Ultimate Scotland Day Tour

Do you want to sample everything we have to offer in one special Scottish day? If you fill a day with remote locations, beautiful scenery, a stunning boat trip, lunch by a loch, a castle, a whisky distillery and tasting, then that is Scotland in a glass… and that’s not even all. You can’t do all of Scotland in a day, but you can experience its essence. In one fabulous day you’ll: drive the remote roads of The Trossachs to the edge of Loch Lomond, take a boat trip on Loch Katrine, lunch on the banks of Loch Venachar, tour Stirling Castle, take pictures at an Outlander Castle. tour a whisky distillery and visit two of Scotland’s most iconic landmarks. It’s the ultimate Scotland Day Tour.

FROM ONLY £295.00per tour ( 1-8 people )
Entry fees £38 per person & choose your own lunch

Real Macbeth Tour

Discover Macbeth with a short boat trip on Loch Leven, and a light lunch at Scone Palace, the place of Scottish kingship. Then stop at Dunkeld Cathedral in Highland Perthshire, the power base of King Duncan, nestled on the banks of the Tay. We take the road between Birnam Wood and Dunsinnane made famous by Shakespeare. Finally enjoy a wonderful tour of Glamis Castle to discover how Shakespeare wrongly placed it in Inverness, how Glamis is linked to the real Macbeth and how the story continues to this day. Entry fees and a light lunch are included.

FROM ONLY £295.00per tour ( 1-8 people )
Not including lunch and entry fees

A Taste of Scotland Tour

Enjoy all that Scotland is famous for in one day. Scotland is the home of Whisky, it’s famous for ancient castles and heroic battles, beautiful highland scenery, fine food drawn from our land and rivers. You can sample all of these as you take a day long luxury private tour. This extra special day includes a distillery tour, a visit to a castle stronghold, good Scottish food and a drive through the Highlands. Each day is tailored to your own preferences.

FROM ONLY £350.00per tour ( 1-8 people )
with total cost based on choices and entry fees

5000 Years of History in a Perthshire Day

We’ll go up a moor to a famous battle site, down a strath to a Roman fort, though a glen to a WW2 POW camp before coffee in Scotland’s oldest working distillery. Next climb high to look back on one of the most stunning views in Perthshire, and all before lunch. Lunch on the banks of Loch Tay. Roll back the centuries to visit a Neolithic crannog, then standing stones. Commemorate our most famous regiment, then visit a town key to Macbeth AND Bonnie Prince Charlie. Finally tour of one of the best-preserved relics of the industrial revolution. Entry fees and a light lunch are included.

FROM ONLY £295.00per tour ( 1-8 people )
including lunch and entry fees

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