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Price on Application per tour ( 1-8 people )
not including lunch and entry fees

The one-day tour is a very full day. The tour can leave from Perth or Edinburgh at 8.45am. You discover the real Macbeth with a short boat trip on Loch Leven, a visit to historic sites in Perth, and a light lunch at Scone Palace, the place of Scottish kingship.

Stop off at historic Dunkeld Cathedral, the seat and power base of King Duncan, nestled on the banks of the Tay in Highland Perthshire.

Then we take the road between Birnam Wood and Dunsinnane made famous by Shakespeare. Finish with a wonderful tour of Glamis Castle to discover how Shakespeare wrongly placed it in Inverness, how Glamis is linked to the real Macbeth and how the story that started with the Thane of Glamis continues to this day.

  •  Your transport and tour guide
  • Fares for boat trip to Loch Leven Castle
  • Entry to Scone Palace
  • Entry and guided tour of Glamis Castle
  • Light lunch at Scone Palace



This is a very full day and keeping to timings will be essential

8.45am Leaving from Edinburgh Take in the magnificent Forth bridges as you cross from Edinburgh to Fife approaching the heartland of ancient Scotland.

8.45am Leaving from Perth Enjoy the trip through the beautiful Strathearn countryside to visit the country’s only monument to a named witch burned at the stake and learn why the three witches figure in the story of Macbeth

10.00am Loch Leven At Loch Leven we take a short boat trip to Loch Leven Castle to discover how the islands of Loch Leven link to the story of Macbeth. Bookings are organised by Historic Environment Scotland. If the boat is full by the time you book then you can enjoy a walk by the loch to soak up the scenic beauty and bird life, or relax with a complimentary drink and snack at the loch side restaurant.

12.30-1.30pm Scone Palace As we pass the ancient capital of Perth we discuss two spots crucial in Scotland’s history, which open up our understanding of the real Macbeth and Shakespeare’s fictional character. We then stop off at Scone Palace to see and experience the inauguration site of Scottish kings. Scottish kings, including Macbeth, only became king after being seated on the Stone of Destiny here at Scone. Stand on the fabled mound where nobles offered their oath of allegiance, then enjoy a light lunch and the grounds of the palace.

2.10pm – 2.50 Dunkeld and Birnam Absorb the historic town which was the power base and seat of Duncan and his successors in The House of Dunkeld. It’s well worth enjoying the stunning scenery of Dunkeld Cathedral, nestled on the banks of the Tay as we explain the real relationship between Macbeth and Duncan.

3.30 – 4.40pm Dunsinnane Hill We take the road from Birnam Wood to Dunsinnane made famous by the Shakespeare play and look up to the hill fort high on Dunsinnane hill.

4.20- 5.30pm Glamis Castle You then travel on to tour Glamis Castle. Sadly we can never give you the time such a fabulous castle and gardens deserve, but you will discover why Shakespeare wrongly placed it in Inverness, how Glamis is linked to the real Macbeth, how the story of his kingship starts there and continues there to Britain’s current royal family.

Finally relax and enjoy the ride back to Edinburgh or Perth, depending on your starting point.

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